3 Hour Exclusive Workshop

Learn To Achieve SUCCESS, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS in life through Practical Techniques for Chakra Healing

Heal To Manifest your financial, relationship and wealth desires

In less than 3 Hours, master the techniques to:

STARTS ON 14th July 2024 (9:30AM to 12:30PM)

Language - Basic English

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To Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹14,998

Are you having a hard time?

  • Struggling with your career?
  • Losses in investments?
  • Business not flourishing?
  • Can’t seem to find love? 
  • Conflict with your loved ones?
  • Problems in your marriage?
  • Weak immunity? 
  • Falling sick all the time?
  • Ailments taking longer to heal?
  • Always feeling low? 
  • ZERO motivation to do anything?
  • Avoiding social gatherings?

In JUST 3 HOURS, learn to go from…

  • How to heal and balance each Chakra
  • Secret Formula for Manifesting abundance 
  • Root Cause of all your problems and the logical solution 
  • How to do chakra healing in 10mins
  • Sound healing experience  

Invest in your life for JUST ₹ 149/-

Attract abundance of wealth and prosperity

Repair your relationships and attract love and harmony

Increase your energy levels and immunity strength

Get your vigour back - Feel energised and motivated

Put an END to your Sufferings & Learn to live a happy & healthy life.

Total Value with Bonus : ₹14,998/-

Regular Price : ₹999/-

Today’s Price : ₹149/-

Your happiness and abundance are just ONE CLICK AWAY!

Hi I'm
Dr. M V Priyaank

Sound Healing & Abundance Coach

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹14,998 if you enroll today

Ever wondered how could people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins become super successful? They followed some rituals every single day, leading to such amazing success. Here is the complied formula that if you follow daily, you will manifest massive growth and success in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chakra Healing Workshop is anyone and everyone who is suffering in their health, relationships, and finances are looking to improve their lives with the help of spiritual methods.

Yes, practitioners can also join this workshop to update their knowledge and learn new practices to heal chakras

The 3-Hour LIVE Workshop costs INR 149 only.

You will receive the zoom link in your inbox of the email id you used at the time of registration.

Please write us to with your queries or grievances and we will reach  soon.